A relative newcomer on the production front, Moscow based Minijack Tulip debuts on Eyepatch with the fantastic three tracker entitled PZ/DC. The purveyor of all things house and techno, Minijack Tulip released his first track back in 2015 – New Rules – on Natural Rhythm. Great to have him on board at Eyepatch and we hope to see more soon.

PZ/DC sets off with a nice bouncy vibe that takes us on a cool tech house flow. A deep underlying sub bass shores up the groove nicely as stabbing synths make an appearance alongside some cool vocals. Hoverish synths find their way into the sound and blend perfectly with their more gritty cousins. One big hitter on this track though are the drums, they form up into a tight rhythmic structure and are filled with sublime snare rolls and shuffling hats. A fine debut that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Berlago is a wonderfully crafted tech house come techno hybrid that packs a huge punch with a solid groove for the late night floors. Big chunky beats and a subtle rhythm section make for some nifty dancing material that will delight the floors. A deep invasive bassline probes through the sound beautifully with a menacing gait as strange and quirky synths go off all around. A hint of retro creeps into this one making it a must have track, no doubt.

Raw Wow gets right into a steady flowing rhythm right from the off as punchy kicks are joined by crispy hats and some cool drumming. Techno inspired synths and FX litter the sound and as the layers build you become locked in to its mesmerizing groove. The break delves deeper into a surreal sequence complete with sinister voices and more of those fantastic synths before the beats return and we are back in full on mode. Definitely one for the late night sessions here, not to be missed.

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