Mike Morales returns to Piston Recordings with the superb Come With Me EP. We last saw Mike under his Mi Ke moniker back in 2016 with his 214 EP which performed very well indeed and no doubt this latest effort will follow suit. Mike is a force to be reckoned with on the house scene as he’s been around for quite some time. He is heavily influenced by Portugal’s infamous underground scene and his name began resonating amongst established DJ’s and artists. His debut track – Dream Shattered, premiered on Digweed’s Transitions radio show in 2003 and since then he has continued to churn out top quality vibes.

Come With Me is a full on club driven monster with chunky beats and an outstandingly simple yet highly effective diva-esque vocal. Tight drums lead a flowing rhythm while a meandering bass weaves through the track to the backdrop of that superb wailing vocal that will definitely get booty’s on the floor. Warm chords litter the sound bringing in a richer vibe as various vocal snippets ring out. A wonderfully crafted slice that will not disappoint.

Dub With Me strips out most of the vocal with just a few select phrases thrown in to keep that club vibe alive. A powerful groove on this one that will hit the floors for sure.

Bumble-B intros with slicing hi hat patterns and a pumping kick drum before a deep rumbling bass joins in and gets the body moving. Soft melodies come through and cascade effortlessly through the sound, contrasting perfectly against the deeper elements of the groove. Short vocal snippets give the track an energetic vibe making this a straight up house stomper.

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