Returning to Piston Recordings after a bit of a hiatus we have Spanish DJ and producer Mianyo with his fantastic two track EP entitled Breaking Bytes. It was way back in 2014 when we last saw this guy here at Piston and we’re delighted he has returned. Since his Beat Club EP he has racked up quite an impressive list of quality cuts on various labels and has worked with a few top artists on other projects. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more form this guy in the future.

Breaking Chords intros with a beautifully surreal sequence filled with ethereal pads and a mesmeric high string alongside subtle percussions. A cool broken beat comes through before subsiding and leaving us with those pads once more. The track then goes into full on deep house mode with a flowing 4 x 4 structure that will guide feet to the floors. A warming bassline reside perfectly on the low end as superb gated synths deliver that perfect house groove. A wonderfully nostalgic vibe that will not disappoint.

Piano Bytes sets out with a cool and crispy hi hat which is paired with a sharp clap. A pumping kick drum soon follows as does a probing, deep bassline that moves effortlessly through the sound. Superb chord stabs fade in and we find ourselves locked into a classic styled garage groove that will both satisfy and electrify. The break is where this track really starts to shine as it throws in a real nice piano riff that will tear up the floors with ease. Top notch stuff that you do not want to miss.

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