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Progrez stalwarts metrONomes return with another superb joint entitled aenaON. The guys have been around Progrez for quite a while and have solidified their presence with top notch grooves throughout. Their last outing – Crocodile Tears proved popular and no doubt this latest tech fuelled slice will follow suit.

First up we have the dark vibes of aenaON which intros with a punchy kick drum alongside rumbling basses that swell up from the depths. Bright, crispy hats fade in as various percussion make a showing. The track builds with an intensity creating a tangible atmosphere that you just wanna reach out and grab. Subtle synths litter the sound along with swirling pads, on the break a siren type effect comes in before fading and letting those superb beats take the helm once again. Top notch stuff.

aNASA intros with a filtered kick drum and stuttering synth line before the kicks get their thump sending the track on its way. Beautifully placed percussions work perfectly alongside the array of FX on show. A deep and warm bassline slowly finds its way into the sound providing a solid low end for the track to thrive on. An air of intensity creeps into the sound giving off a cosmic vibe that stands out well. On the break that intensity rises even more as we’re introduced to a wall of sublime synths before we’re thrust back into the main groove. A superb slice that is not to be missed.

Gangster is a deeply intense workout that takes us into the depths of techno with a prog twist and beyond. Super tight drums lead the way with a chunky kick at the forefront alongside sharp hats and expertly crafted percussions. The bassline is the big hitter here though as it effortlessly drives the groove. On the break the track is given character with the brilliant use of spoken word by some Goodfella’s over an ever increasing rising synth before crashing back to the solid beats for the duration. A truly fantastic cut that will most definitely get any party into full swing.

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13 February 2017 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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