The impressive Glaswegian DJ and producer Mendexx returns with Deceptive Minds. We last got a glimpse of this guy’s talents on remix duty for Wild Guess’ Trysal 35 on Green Martian back in March 2015, as well as several appearances on various compilations. The Original mix settles into a solid progressive groove right from the off thanks to those punchy kicks and that deep pulsating bass line. Swirling FX cascade throughout the sound as striking synth keys cut through the low end frequencies. The break delivers more of those cool pads and FX before leading us back into the main groove for the duration. A simply fantastic slice of prog here that you will not want to miss.

Paul Kardos steps up to the plate with this superb remix that really goes deep into the progressive abyss. Hungarian producer Paul is fresh off the back of his last Bonzai outing – The Workout Song which was very well received indeed. No doubt we will be seeing much more from this guy in the near future so stay tuned. The remix intros with a real sense of depth as muffled kick are joined by a probing bass that lurks menacingly alongside a rising percussion arrangement. The track breaks loose as the kicks get beefed up to deliver a solid punch while that bass meanders through the sound. Cool vocals pop up and add fantastic textures to the groove and keep with the deepness of the sound beautifully. A real solid progressive mover here.

Altek is up next for remix duties and once again shows off his talents in style. Fresh from his 2nd Chance EP over at Green Martian, this guy really know how to turn on the progressive vibes. Here he delivers a superb progressive workout that hits the sweet spot right from the off as distant voices provide the backdrop to a tight drum arrangement alongside a deep rolling bass line. Cool synths find their way through the low end sounds to give off a sharp contrasting groove that will definitely keep the floors occupied. Big noisy FX and spiralling sweeps litter the track and add a real cool texture to the sound. Spacey, hypnotic grooves that are a definite must have.

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