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    We welcome Mendexx back to Bonzai Progressive with his latest effort titled Alcazar which comes backed up with a solid remix from Paul Hamilton. For the last 4 years Mendexx has been carving out a niche within progressive house and, he’s done this with a plethora of quality tracks here on Bonzai as well as other labels. He has achieved numerous Beatport Top 100 positions and several number 1 slots on other portals. He is quickly rising through the ranks and already he has caught the eyes and ears of many giving him a solid reputation on the scene. On the DJ front he has found himself playing at top venues in some of the worlds most exotic locations outing him among the best jocks. Always great to have him deliver new material.

    The Original Mix builds with methodical precision with an array of drums and percussions forming a solid rhythm led by a punchy kick drum. A bouncing bassline follows the drum pattern creating depth and a swinging groove while alarm style synths fade in. Sweeping FX beef up the sound taking us to the first break where striking vocals line up against static melodies for a surreal sequence. The main break unleashes more ethereal melodies culminating in a vibrant climax as the beats return for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

    Maltese DJ and producer Paul Hamilton debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a superb remix. With over 20 years’ experience, multi award winning artist Paul Hamilton does not disappoint with his unique style. His career took him all around the world playing at top clubs alongside top jocks and his studio works have been snapped up by many labels. Paul remains a firm favourite and boasts a solid rep within the scene. We’re delighted to have him on board here at BP. On the remix here, Paul takes us on a much deeper trip with a solid drum arrangement leading the way. The track builds smoothly with cool FX and a hypnotic bassline keeping us locked in. The main hook fades in slowly before taking over on the sublime break which creates a tense climax before the drop back to full on mode. A superb slice that will not disappoint.

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