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    Jordan based DJ, producer Mazen aka Mazen Hamid debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Vela. Born in Beirut, Mazen felt a draw towards music from a young age, listening to a wide range of music. His strong passion for music led him to DJing and ultimately producing. He was mentored by G-Mohris at Pur-Vert Studios before he started to land gigs at many parties around his city. He started to study audio engineering in Amman and by 2013 he started his professional career in music. He’s played alongside top jocks from all over the world and has worked with many artists in the studio also. We do hope to be hearing more from him in the future, but in the meantime, enjoy this fine release which comes with two solid remixes.

    The Original Mix is a wonderfully rich and cosmically charged slice, driven by a deep and lush probing bassline, warming up the low-end beautifully. Chunky beats are joined by subtle percussions, with just enough bite to keep the rhythm in check, allowing the mid-range to flourish. Sublime pads and delicate arpeggios grace the construction. On the break, the sweetness subsides to reveal a harsher, acid laced sequence which goes on to take control of the groove. A top-notch track with a dynamic edge that will not disappoint.

    Koschk returns on remix duties, delivering yet another sublime effort. He remains a firm favourite, with his brand of silky-smooth progressive house which resonates well among other artists and DJ’s. With years of experience, comes the consistent output we’ve become accustomed to and he never disappoints. This remix comes after a fresh wave of remixes from a host of top artists of his outstanding Speak My Mind EP. He’s produced a wealth of tracks for us over the years and we’ve no doubt there is still much more to come from him. Here, he delivers a much deeper groove, smooth and meditative with a gritty undertone. Tight beats lead the way, setting a platform for the contrasting elements to shine. Soft, melodic arpeggios and airy pads sit in the background as a powerful bass drives the track. Cool voices add character while that gritty, hypnotic acid line weaves its way through the track. Another gem from Koschk that is not to be missed.

    Mmix is an alternative mix from Mazen himself. A much more, club orientated groove, this one retains the cosmic vibe and that same alluring warmth. Punchy kicks are joined by soft hi hats and a flurry of percussive elements. A deep, rumbling bassline bubbles up from the depths as melodic pads sweep through. That striking 303 line begins to fade in, taking over on the break, mesmerizing as the envelopes are tweaked. Super deep and groovy with a powerful draw, this one is a must have.

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    21 September 2020 FEATURED RELEASES




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