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Russian electronic musician Maxim Vozisov returns to Green Martian with the sublime Gravitation which follows his previous outing here – M31 Andromeda from the start of 2017. The very first piece of music printed on his mind in his early childhood was a track from the French group Space and their groundbreaking track Magic Fly. As a teenager he had no ideas about dance music, until he listened to U96’s Das Boot, then he discovered rave. He soon found house music in the ever changing world and he became a fan of Daft Punk, Orbital, Air, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers and many more. Sasha became an inspiration for him as he found his own sound and nurtured his own talents. After a period of time he got serious about music and began performing in clubs in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. He organized different events and recorded lots of compilations, many of which were broadcasted on various radio stations. In the last few years he turned to producing his own music, he has opened his mind to explore sound and find his own unique style. With several releases on various labels he receives much support from the likes of Guy J, Gai Barone, Solid Stone, Paul Sawyer and more. His tracks are also played on various radio stations such as, TM-Radio, Refresh, Radio, Radio SK, Radio Pilot, Proton Radio and many others.

The Original Mix dishes out a superb progressive groove right from the start as the intro gets us in the mood with its deep rooted sound. Chunky kicks and sparse hi hats lead the way as a dark pad rises up from the depths. A sub level bassline drone rocks the bass bins as punchy hits ease in. Hypnotic synths show up as the percussions section keeps the rhythm flowing. The break unleashes a cosmic layered pad that really captures the essence of the groove before we get slammed back into full on mode for the duration. Excellent stuff you do not want to miss.

England based DJ and producer debuts on Green Martian with a fantastic remix which gets right into the heart of pure blissed out progressive house music. Zed has appeared on several top quality labels over the years and no doubt we’re going to be seeing lots more from him in the future, definitely one to watch. The remix here is sublime, it carries a deep groove alongside a wonderful uplifting edge thanks to expertly crafted melodies and a tight construction. A solid drum section keeps us moving while deep droning basses shore up the low end. Swirling pads create magical melodies and on the break these become prominent as we’re taken down the progressive rabbit hole. The break down climaxes with intensity as the beats return for the duration making this an absolute must have track.

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