Tel Aviv based DJ and producer Matan Caspi joins forces with fellow Tel Aviv DJ and producer Roy Lebens on the superb Klubnichka which comes backed up with two brilliant remixes. Matan is undoubtedly one of the most productive & rising electronic music producers under the spotlight. He has been constantly developing his music productions and his work has been internationally exposed and played by many artists and top DJ’s around the globe. He has releases a slew of top tracks on Bonzai Progressive, among others, over the last few years and sits in high regard among his peers. Roy is also an artist on the up, he has seen a raft of releases on many labels and is no stranger to Bonzai Progressive, in 2014 he featured on our Club Traxx Progressive House 1 compilation with his track Alien Boys alongside R3cycle. As well as many solo cuts, Roy and Matan have delivered lots of top notch tracks as a duo, particularly through Matan’s Outta Limits label.

The Original Mix intros with a solid rhythmic drum fuelled workout that will get the floors on the move for sure. Cool vocals sit in the background as a gritty synth rises before dissipating and leaving a fantastic grooving bass line in its wake. The subtle vocal continues and is joined by a cool clubby female vocal that works perfectly with tech house elements of the sound. Various basses are introduced creating a maelstrom of intricate patterns and textures. The female vocal shines on the break alongside those tightly packed drums and percussions which bode well for a smooth rhythmic flow. Excellent stuff you will not want to miss.

Dennis Franchi and studio partner C-Les make up the House Lovin Criminals and their mission is to take various house music fusions and bring them to new heights while retaining a classic vibe. The guys have known each other for a number of years and regularly DJ’d together at various parties. They went their different ways for a time before somehow getting back together and ultimately getting into the studio. A truly fresh approach from this dynamic duo and we have no doubt they will make their mark on the scene in a big way. The House Lovin Criminals debut came in the summer of 2015 with Basetimes and proved to be a dancefloor hit. The remix intros with a super bassy punchy kick that pounds out a solid hit which is joined by a cool open hat and gritty synth shots. The female vocal spurs the bass line that meanders through the sound beautifully delivering a deep solid groove. Cool synths come through on the break and keep the tech vibes flowing which will transfer effortlessly onto the floors.

Slovenian DJ and producer Matevz Crocy aka Crocy returns to remix duty and dishes up another tasty treat for us to get our groove on. His last outing on Bonzai Progressive, Mind featuring Ashley Berndt was a firm favourite among many and continues to prove popular. Here, Crocy takes us deep into tech house with his effort as super tight drums are led by a nice punchy kick and crispy hat combo. Cool synth risers litter the sound alongside perfectly placed vocals that give the groove a definite club vibe. The bass line rattles through the sound with ease and undergoes various transformations, from smooth and well rounded to tough and edgy which works beautifully with the groove. To top off the tech vibe we get some very cool stabby synths that offer an air of retro which will definitely go down very well on the floors.

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