Matan Caspi returns to BP in 2021 with the excellent, Darkness. Last time out he gave us a sublime remix for Theus’ Get Away, which followed his previous release Eunoia. In between, he’s appeared on several of our compilations. The last several years has seen Matan’s profile grow, breaking into new ground with new fans coming thick and fast. This is all down to his dedication and the way he works his grooves on the floors. He started experimenting with music when he a was little kid, playing the guitar and the keyboard, mostly thanks to his father who pushed him in that direction. He later played in some rock bands before finding electronic music somewhere in late 1999 which led to his interest in production. With constant practice on some music production programs he understood that this is what he wanted to do and this proved to be his calling as the many years of quality tracks will show.

On the Original Mix, Matan delivers a warm, encapsulating groove. Right from the off, you feel the draw, powered by lush basses and enchanting voices, littered with delicate melodies. Solid beats are joined by effervescent percussions which keep that rhythm steady. Harsher, more energetic elements sneak through on this made-for-the-dancefloor construction.

Two of electronic music’s most prolific artists are back in the studio with another solid remix. Manu Riga & Phi Phi get to grips with Darkness, providing a wonderful interpretation which follows hot on the heels of their superb remix of Jon Voorn’s Medinah. These guys are relentless in their ability to provide good, quality sounds. They’ve bonded very well and have carved out a solid niche with a special sound, a sound that always grabs attention. It’s always a great pleasure to have them here and long may this collab continue. On the remix, the guys have outdone themselves once more, with a truly epic experience. Nice, strong, punchy beats are joined by exotic percussions that layer up throughout. A deep, probing bass pluck hypnotizes as an infectious 303-line weaves through the groove. Rich voices captivate, adding character to the track as soft melodies come in. Top-notch, not to be missed.

Bob The Groove returns on remix duties, and once again, he does not disappoint. Last time out he gave us an equally fantastic remix of metrONomes’ Thirio and it’s great to have him back for 2021. The Frenchman knows how to produce the goods and this one marks his fifth cut for us. A mysterious character, Bob The Groove lets his music do the talking. He has seen releases on several labels over the years and he’s been a stalwart for us, with much more to come. Here, BTG adds his signature sound by injecting a dose of acid into the groove. Powered by strong beats, rhythmic percussions and deep, subby basses, the track build beautifully with the 303-action taking centre-stage. A definite dancefloor destroyer, no doubt.

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