Piston Recordings stalwart Marco Madia is back with the outstanding Orbital Decay EP which marks his 12th offering in the last few years. Last time around he gave the fantastic The Jackals EP which was very well received indeed. Marco was born in Milan (IT) and spent the greater part of his teen years playing in the local underground scene and making music. In 2006 he moved to Berlin, where he got a degree in audio engineering and started working as a sound designer. The work with sound design has had a great impact on Marco’s music making and he frequently mergers the two. Apart from the music, some of which has been released under the name Flip Morton, and sound design, Marco has also done a lot of work on film soundtracks, exhibitions and performances. A huge talent in our midst we'[re delighted to have on board.

Orbital Decay intros with an arpeggiated sequence accompanied by cool percussions and suppressed lower frequencies. A degree of warmth comes through and we settles into a sublime journey into the deeper side of tech house. As the arpeggios dominate, various brighter, melodic notes are littered throughout the sound creating a rich tapestry of colourful sound which draws us in. A beautifully arranged and executed slice that will gain a lot of attention.

Radial Trajektory sets out with muted kicks and a kind of underwater vibe which slowly fades to reveal hypnotic sytnhs and a powerfully deep bassline. An array of percussions deliver a tight rhythm as intricate arpeggios converge to create a wall of sound. An intensity creeps into the groove as the layers build and culminating in a tripped out sublime sequence. One for the late night parties, a must have.

Polar Orbits takes us on a surreal trip through the deeper side of tech house. A myriad of colourful sounds come together in an effortless flow of arpeggios and gated notes. Tight, beautifully arranged drums lead the way generating a smooth rhythmic flow which complements the chaotic nature of a multitude of notes. Warming, mesmeric and rich with a captivating allure, just the tonic to take your set to new heights, this one will not disappoint.

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