We welcome Madan to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Child Of Mine, which features two solid tracks with equally solid remixes. Not much is known about Madan, but we do know that he has a gift for creating some special sounds, which we like, a lot. This debut outing has Madan deliver some fine breaks grooves across two tracks, with Paul Hamilton dishing out the four on the floor goodness. Great to have him on board and we hope to learn about him in the future.

The Original Mix of Child Of Mine gets us underway, laying out a sublime progressive breaks groove. The track evolves with a powerful driving force made up of chunky kicks and a mesmerizing drone bass. Gritty stabs and hazy harmonics craft intriguing patterns, creating a rich, dynamic experience. Next up, we have Paul Hamilton’s remix of Child Of Mine. Paul is an award winning, internationally acclaimed DJ, producer and remixer. He maintains a stead flow of top-notch releases and has delivered some tasty gems for us in the past. Here, he takes the original and stamps his own brand of progressive flavour to the groove. Beautifully crafted and wholly immersive, the hypnotic vibe takes hold right from the off. Warm pads, soft basses and delicate melodies combine for an epic ride you will not forget. We change course with another track of Madan’s, this time it’s the Original Mix of Life which intros with an alluring pad and exotic percussion combo. Strong break beats come through alongside striking synth note before a cacophony of melody reveals a sublime atmosphere. Paul Hamilton rounds out the release with his remix of Life and, once again, he captures the essence of the original beautifully in a four on the floor groove. Smooth and rhythmic, warm sounds cascade, offering an elevating mood at the centre, superb stuff.

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