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Ukrainian DJ and producer Ruslan Haievyk aka MacroVision shows up on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with the superb three track EP titled Skyroom. Recently he debuted on Green Martian with Aurora EP. His love for electronic music started with The Prodigy which got him hooked. He also likes soft and powerful sounds with melodic parts. He has seen releases on several labels from across the northern hemisphere and he has won a number of music-based competitions in the last few years. His music has seen airplay on many radio stations including Kiss FM, DJFM, DFM and BBC Radio. His DJ sets are known to bring an energy to the floor and for being immersive and dynamic.

Skyroom – Rework is the first of three stunning progressive renditions on this latest EP from MacroVision. Right from the start we’re intrigued by the alluring sounds from mesmerizing pads and a deep, warm bass. Tight drums set the rhythms loose as a steady pulsating note creates a surreal atmosphere. The break contrasts that probing bass alongside bright melodic piano plucks before a rolling snare takes us to the climax and back into full on mode for the duration. A seriously powerful progressive mover that will not disappoint.

Glow is an epic slice of progressive house that takes us on a journey through cosmic sounds on a melodic roller-coaster. An array of beautifully crafted synths and pianos generate a sublime atmosphere that takes us up and down. The groove is powered by a solid drum section and deep, moody bass combo while the melodies are played out in various stages. The break reveals soft pianos to add that dreamy touch making this a dynamic cut that is not to be missed.

Pollux takes us into deeper, progressive territory with a mesmerizing performance of sounds. It’s undulating groove and dark stabs line up against a tribal fuelled drum arrangement for maximum impact on the floor. Smooth chord changes are evident throughout and strengthen the moody, darker side while the upbeat drums keep the feet moving. Magical melody driven arpeggios dominate the break in a building climax which culminates in a silent drop before the beats and that striking synth return for the finale. An excellent effort that is a definite must have in your arsenal.

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