Romanian producer Lucian Dragomir debuts here at Green Martian with the fantastic Oceans Lab which is backed up with the equally fantastic Reflekt. A relative newcomer on the scene, Lucian brings a real fresh sound bursting with raw, dirty sounds that grab your attention. Two very interesting cuts that will definitely turn a few heads.

Oceans Lab wastes no time in getting into the groove as a phat kick drum is nestled alongside a crispy offset hi hat. A strong probing bass and synth note deliver a solid punch which also keeps the lower end frequencies minimal. A synth sequence creates a very clean sound taking the track into an abstract journey full of mystery and intrigue. The main lead features a smooth guitar which adds a wonderfully rich texture to the sound. A top notch debut that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Reflekt delivers nice pacey, driving track which is led by a punchy kick drum and a superb bassline that offers richness and warmth in the sound. Crispy bright hi hats and tight percussions create a solid rhythmic groove that gets the urges to dance flowing. Melodic synth stabs deliver uplifting chord sequences as sweeter melodies play out to create a dynamic sound that mesmerizes. Another fine slice from this young producer, definitely one to watch for the future.

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