Belfast technoist Louis Irvine returns to Bonzai Basiks with the stomping beats and penetrating basses of his new Saturn EP. This is his first solo effort since his Alpas EP back at the end of 2016. Just after that he had two smashers alongside fellow Irishman Conor Doc with Shade EP and Sequence EP under their Orenda guise. We know Louis loves to ramp up the deeper frequencies so make sure you set your bassbins to maximum effect.

Saturn is an absolute monster of a track, the intro boasts a pounding kick drum filled with a punchy centre and a healthy dose of low end. A mesmeric percussion hit fades in slowly, drawing your attention until it takes over and hooks you in completely. On the breaks Louis has cleverly crafted a unique sounding snare roll that teases and teases before unleashing that thumping beat once again. A solid contender for those venues with massive sound systems that are just gonna love this one.

Not Human delivers a much more musical techno vibe from Louis. Right from the off we’re met with a surreal and hypnotic synth and percussion combo which is soon joined by a nice punchy kick drum and slicing crispy hi hat. The synths start to transform as the filters start to open up and the modulation kicks in and it’s on the break where we get to feel what the synths can do as they’re let loose to dominate the groove. After the break the track opens up brilliantly into an almost entirely different track which carries a pumping techno groove. Not to be missed.

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