DJ and producer Leon Krasich debuts on Progrez with the superb Buddha The World EP. Leon is the proprietor of the deep and moody Ahnenerbe Records for which he has released a swathe of top notch cuts. He has also seen his work released on minim,all, Frequenza, Share Records and Lethal Dose with great support coming in from all over. Aside from offering up brilliant musical textures, Leon’s tagline is simple, ‘fill the world with happiness…’, now that is something we can get on board with.

Hollany intros with a nice and smooth deep vibe as punchy kicks are joined by a mesmerizing synth drone. The bassline grabs all the attention as it plods along with a deep progressive prowess that will get any floor moving. Tight drums layer up and bring a solid rhythm to the sound as that long synth note prevails. Cool vocal one shots are littered throughout adding character to the sound. A series of short breaks offer up a little respite in this powerful driving groove. An epic monster of a track which will definitely get a showing on many sets for sure.

Buddha The World opens with a haunting array of sounds that captivate before being joined by a sinister deep vocal and a brilliant punchy kick. A strong, powerful bass bubbles up from the depths as the drums begin to layer up. We are drawn deep into the vibe with those infectious sounds that just seem to go on forever. On the break the intensity rises, which is no surprise given the nature of the vibe, leading us back into the main track for the duration. One hell of a ride into the deeper side of prog that you will not want to miss.

Miracle Of Creation sets off with a very cool kick that leaves a little bit of release on the end to great effect. This is coupled with a rhythmic, shuffling percussion that brings a little brightness to the darker vibe. The bassline probes with a deep rooted prowess that will get the bassbins firmly warmed. Gritty vocals come through on the break which also throws up some outstanding pads and sound FX. Another monster of a tune that will turn a few heads no doubt.

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