Lebanese DJ, producer Köschk is back with a fresh new four tracker in the form of his latest offering, Speak My Mind EP. This one follows a string of remixes over the last 12 months as well as his superb As Clear As Dream. After several remixes and appearances on our compilations, he began to deliver top notch original works which always grab a lot of attention and so far, we’ve seen four original pieces and twice as many remix works. Always a delight when he drops some new material through the mailbox.

Tether intros with a classic kick drum, backed up with intriguing percussions and atmospheric FX. A plucky rolling bassline fades in before the kicks are given a boost, settling the track into a smooth progressive mover. Shimmering synths bring a melodic flavour on the break before we head back into the deeper, moody groove once more. A solid cut that will not disappoint.

Speak My Mind is up next, delivering a sharper slice thanks to punchy kicks and defined FX. Surreal sounds float around the background, adding a deeper layer, while a rippling bass sits subtly on the low end. Sporadic percussions dish out a cool rhythm before brighter, melodic elements come through. On the break, a striking, gritty and organic synth hits us square in the face, contrasting with the softer notes. Top notch stuff for the late sessions.

Funktion sets us on a much deeper course. On the intro, we find a muted kick drum and earthy atmosphere that lulls us in. A rolling bassline takes control, becoming the main feature with its stand out signature. The track combines various strange, eerie sounds into a surreal, otherworldly construction, topped off with a strong progressive groove. Very nice indeed, not to be missed.

Spacewalk does as the title suggests, taking us for a trek into the outer atmosphere. A steady building groove made up of strong basses and flowing rhythms get us there, in-tact and ready for the climax. This comes in the form of beautifully crafted arp sequences that rise and fall, releasing an energy into the mix. An absolute must for the more energetic sets.

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