The ever impressive Kevin Vega returns to Bonzai Progressive to get us up and running for 2017 with the superb three tracker The Crimson King. A stalwart on the scene Kevin’s work is highly respected and always appreciated. His last outing for BP was back in the Summer of 2016 on remix duties for Manu Riga’s Surrounded Remixed which proved very popular indeed among many. He also featured on our ADE 2016 compilation as well as many other compilations over the years. Always a pleasure to have this guy’s work drop into the mailbox and we always look forward to more.

The Crimson King opens with a beautifully crafted intricate percussion filled pattern that is soon joined by a chunky kick drum. We settle into the groove nicely here as a powerful deep rumbling bass is introduced. Warm synths accompany the bass as we’re drawn deeper into the groove by those hypnotic drums. In the background a rich pad starts to rise creating a melodic vein through the track and forming a wonderful contrast to the tougher edged deeper sounds. A stunningly simple yet diverse track that will grab your attention, a definite must have.

Wayan intros with a nice chunky kick drum and subtle hi hat combi as various percussions make their way through. A steady flowing rhythm forms up and we are locked in for the duration. The layers build nice and smooth and take us to a fantastic bassline that drops on the beat creating a very intense groove. Beautifully crafted melodic arps fade in and blend effortlessly into the maelstrom of low end bass. On the break those melodies dominate, drawing us in deeper before that powerful kick and bass combo returns for more. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

Finishing off this fantastic pack we have Seraphim which delivers a solid progressive house groove throughout. We’re drawn into this one right from the off as chunky kicks are joined by shuffling hats and a mixture of stabbing strings and cool piano chords. A deep raucous bassline comes through and dominates with a strong hand tying the track together beautifully. The intensity rises and becomes tangible as the layers build. On the break we’re offered a short respite and treated to a pulsing note before being thrust back into the main groove. Excellent stuff once again from Mr Vega, this one is not to be missed.

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