Belgian DJ and producer K-Fel returns to Bonzai Progressive with this superb two tracker entitled Papyrus. Back in May 2014 saw his debut, Pantheon, gain a lot of support due to the purity of his progressive grooves and we have no doubt that this one will follow suit. Papyrus intros with a deep droning bass note and cool FX as a rising synth takes us up to meet a tight drum arrangement filled with dirty beats and crispy hats. A deep bass twists and turns through the groove as winding synth stabs deliver that big room flavour. Lots of cool textures deliver a solid construction that takes an example from various styles, a big floor hitter for sure.

Necropole intros with a nice solid punchy kick and slicing hats combi. A rising FX takes us up to a strong offbeat bass that takes control of the groove as sweeping pads and cool melodies filter through providing a warm feeling that washes over you. An expertly crafted slice of progressive house that will be a welcome addition in any box.

#k-fel #bonzaiprogressive