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Jungle & Juice return to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Ahnentanz, which follows their debut here a short while back with Ringmakers. Based in Vienna, this DJ and producer duo have gained a huge following on the scene. Both artists have a musical background, playing various instruments themselves such as guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, synths and drums. They first met in 2015 and since then they engaged in their musical journey, founding their own label called Leisure Music Productions. They love releasing and playing music with a happy vibe and they’re well versed in several genres.

The Original Mix offers up a mid-tempo, slow burning progressive house mover. Nice and smooth, with stand out moments, the track lulls us into the groove with tight beats and mesmerizing pads alongside a hypnotic 303 pattern. The pads generate a wonderful ambience which captivates and sets us up for the epic journey on this 12 minute plus monster tune. A web of sweet-scented melodies contrasts beautifully with the deeper tones. Elegant and groovy in all the right places, this one is an absolute must have.

Serbian DJ, producer Darko Lobor aka Lobor D returns to BP on remix duties, fresh off the back of his debut, Sunbeam EP. Since 2012 he’s been putting on events at his residency in Pancevo, collaborating with a host of other DJ’s from across Europe. Another one of his passions is the development of the local and regional electronic music scene. Aiming to bring the Techno sound home, he started out as part of the team that was collaborating with EXIT festival on organizing promotional parties while EXIT fest was still its infancy. Later on, he joined the Sound of Ibiza organization and radio show by the same name that was both organizing electronic music events and promoting local talent by teaming them up with the best artists from all over Serbia. Here, Darko leads us down a path, deep into the progressive abyss. An expertly crafted construction, layered with a mixture of succulent motifs and hypnotic riffs, we become immersed in the groove. Tight beats lead the way as wispy melodics combine with a rolling bassline and hazy harmonies for the perfect escape into music.

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