We welcome Jon Voorn back to Bonzai Progressive for his full debut, Medinah, which follows his remix on Manu Riga’s Last Grain Of Sand. Better known as the legendary Jon The Dentist, he was responsible for a string of hard house and trance hits from the early 90’s. Long before he laid down the hard beats, he was churning out breakbeat cuts as DJ Freshtrax. While JTD is his most famous moniker, he has released music using several aliases on labels such as Tidy Trax, Sony, Positiva, Nukleuz, and his own Phoenix Uprising, Platinum and Boscaland. He’s worked in collaboration with many top artists, storming the floors with in-your-face tracks. The most popular of these collaborations was with Baby Doc, together they spawned a plethora of tracks, notably their remix of The First Rebirth which found fame on the Prolekult and which Franky Jones himself heralds as his favourite remix. An influential character, his dance music journey is one of intrigue and fascination, we’re sure he could tell some stories. Great to have him here.

The Original Mix opens with a solid kick drum and crispy offset hat. In the background, dark sounds in the form of gnarly 303 and chilling pads, await. A distinct reverbed snare takes us to the main event, where a striking, plucky bassline injects a dose of energy, taking over the groove. A melodic theme emerges, filled with Arab influences, rich vocals and the perfect amount of psy infused riffs. One for the darker, late night sets, no doubt.

Continuing their strong studio collaboration, progressive house music stalwarts Manu Riga & Phi Phi return on remix duties. The guys have built up a strong relationship over the last number of years. Both legends in their own right, there is no end to the quality they produce and we’ve no doubt there’ll be much more to come, individually and as a team. On the remix here, the guys have delivered a powerfully stunning groove. Big punchy kicks and flurries of rhythmic percussions fill the spectrum as plucky basses deliver energetic strikes. The melodies and voices from the original come through along with a very 303 line. A top-notch, darker progressive effort that will not disappoint.

Kay Mallani returns with a solid remix which follows his superb debut, Mehesha. A rising talent in India, Kay loves to play out in clubs and produce his own music. He is well-known for his progressive house exploits and finds inspiration from a host of artists from around the world including Kash Trivedi, Paul Thomas, Nathan C and Max Freegrant among others. His first releases saw great support from all over, heralding his sound as club banging style. We’re delighted to have him on board at BP. Here, Kay dishes out a smooth, inviting progressive groove. Solid to the core and filled with chunky beats and a powerful bassline. The vocals are captivating, working effortlessly with intensifying synths making this a straight up floor mover that is not to be missed.

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