After years of discussions, USA based artists Joman and Tonal Space finally get together in the studio, putting their meticulous production techniques to work on the superb Scorpio, which marks their Bonzai Progressive debut. Joman is a very much established and respected artist and he has been producing electronic music for many years, he is self-taught and to date, he boasts a plethora of releases on several labels. Tonal Space is a relative newcomer on the scene who joins his friend on this release and there is definitely a chemistry there which has resulted in a top-notch track.

The Original Mix opens the release with a smooth, Summer coated vibe. Warm basses and Balearic inspired keys combine for an uplifting experience that will keep the floors busy no doubt. Narik returns on remix duties, just a few short months after his last effort, Albafica. Narik is passionate about electronic music after listening to New Beat and House music. Here, he continues a fine run of tracks, injecting his own brand of progressive house into the mix. The upbeat vibe is retained, with a driving bass at the core which is joined by some sublime, melodic synths. Top-notch stuff.

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