Johnny Deep returns to Eyepatch after a bit of a hiatus with the superb three tracker Feel The Realness EP. Just under a year ago was the last time we got a glimpse of this guys talents when he delivered the excellent Flowting Up which was very well received indeed, although we did get a couple of tracks on Tech House Toolbox 4 and My House Is Your House 11. A great way to kick off 2016, we hope to see much more from Johnny in the year ahead.

Feel The Real intros with a superb punchy kickdrum that is soon joined by rhythmic percussions that set the track up nicely for those dancing feet. A wonderfully subtle bassline takes the track deeper into the groove as we are teased with some lush house chords. The deep house groove is relentless as a solid wall of drums dominate the sound. On the break the bass rules alongside those superb chords while a brighter sound comes through adding cool contrasts to the sound. Top notch stuff that you will want in your collection no doubt.

Revival Spirit sets out with a cool drum arrangement complete with muted kicks and strange percussive sounds. The kicks get beefed up with a solid punch and we are on our way into a solid tech fuelled journey that will definitely get the floors bouncing. The drums layer up nicely and create a solid rhythmic platform for the track to evolve. A deep bassline keeps things moving nicely as we are teased with short chord stabs and quirky FX. The track hypnotizes with those deep offset basses and FX, on the break we are faced with some superb chords that give off a deep house vibe while the drums and bass ensure we stay firmly in the tech arena. A must have track for sure.

Until You Love Me is a wonderful trek into deep house with the drums and percussions being the dominant force throughout, with a little help from some extra cool vocals. A nice and solid arrangement ensues that will get the body moving to the deep grooves. The bassline meanders through the sound with ease and takes the groove deeper with a hint of funk thrown in. The vocals sit perfectly in the sound and add to the already superb house vibe. Cool piano chords ease in and accompany the vocals beautifully as well as that hypnotic bassline. On the break we get more from those chords as we get lost in the groove before the main track kicks back in for the duration. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any deeper set.

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