Monog Records label boss Joal heads up our next release with the fantastic My Favourite Outfit EP which comes complete with three top notch remixes as well as the original. Joal has been running Monog since 2009 and he remains committed to sourcing only the best sounds to get on the books. Joal also releases his works on various other labels including Selador, Knee Deep in Sound and High Strings to name just a few. On top of that he is currently developing his live act which is well worth checking out on Youtube.

The Original Mix intros with a very cool thumping kick that is accompanied by equally fresh percussions that deliver a nice retro theme. A long, easy bass note rings out and gets us settled into the deep tech groove. We go deeper into the sound with a wonderful acid line that fades in from nowhere and totally dominates the groove. Big stabby synths fill in the gaps and add a kind of futuristic vibe that contrasts well with the deeper, retro elements. On the break we get treated to a smooth, subtle breakbeat as the cosmic synths are joined by an eerie high string and cool spoken vocals. A strong build up takes us back to the main sound for the duration of this superb slice of tech, a must have for sure.

Berlin based Pascal Hetzel debuts on Monog with his fantastic remix. DJ and producer Pascal has spent the last few years conquering the Berlin’s bustling club scene and along the way he has released his music through various labels including Sound Of Vast, Upon You Records, Non Pop Records, Wood Recordings and many more. As well as playing at top gigs in Berlin, Pascal has played around the world at various top venues including at the Analog Room in Dubai and Resolute in New York City. The remix intros with a solid kick that packs a nice punch and sits snugly amidst an ever increasing array of drums and percussions. Soft plinks and plonks dissolve into the sound in a playful manner that gives the impression of being trapped inside an 8bit video game. These sounds keep the vibe firmly locked into a techno groove that builds and builds to become even more surreal. The bass offers up a smooth warmth to the sound that contrast beautifully with the higher frequencies. A superb display of tech grooves that will both captivate and invigorate.

Berlin based, Portuguese DJ and producer Jepe debuts on Monog with the first of two remixes. Jepe started out in 1994 on local radio stations in Portugal, which led to his first residency in the Estacao La Luz club, a residency he has held since 1997. From here he got in production and has released on many top labels including Let’s Play House, Circle Music, Cecille Records, Brown Eyed Boyz, Beef Records and Get Physical as well as his own label, Blossom Kollektiv. A much revered artist who has played all over the world, we are delighted to have this guy on board. The Let’s Celebrate remix intros with a nice and strong punchy kick alongside rhythmic percussions that will get the feet dancing on the floors. Strange sweeping synths come through and add a metallic edge to the sound as the tech layers build. Cool vocals litter the sound throughout and add character to the track creating a very fresh rhythmic groove. The low end sounds subtly ply their trade as this track is all about the drums and synths. A top notch relentless groove that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Jepe’s Stripped Raw Mix is up next and does exactly what the title suggests. Very smooth, rounded sounds blend perfectly to deliver a solid deep tech workout. The synths develop a little grit to beef things up a bit and add an edginess to the sound. The drums beat out a cool rhythmic groove that is joined by those cool vocals. Excellent stuff yet again from Jepe and a track that will not disappoint.

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