Our next In The Mix session comes from the head honcho of Monog Records – Joal. Portuguese artist Joal is revered among his peers for attention to detail and quality sounds. He has shaped his style to offer rich dynamic sounds coupled with deep lush goodness. Over the last number of years he’s refined his live sets using numerous hardware synths and FX units while utilising everything that software has to offer. Here he digs deep into the Monog archives and labels such as Ballyhoo Records, Piston Recordings, Constant Circles, Kolour Recordings, Vakant, Planet Rhythm, Silver Network and Selador to give us two contrasting sets filled with a plethora of top cuts that will surely get the floors moving.

The first mix delivers an aggressive vibe with tracks and remixes from the likes of Juliane Wolf, HedUbble, Zayminks, Kruno Kereta, Oscar P and Thee J Johanz as well as a few choice cuts from Joal himself. While the second mix takes us on a deeper tech journey with tracks and remixes from Darbinyan, Dominic Smith, Adriatique, The Revenge, JEPE, Luis Bravo, Alan Castro, Floating Groove, Valentin and Joal. You can be sure that both sets will keep your party rocking long into the night.

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