Jeeves debuts on Green Martian with the fantastic Mutate which comes backed up with a remix from music maestro Manu Riga. Mutate is a full on driving progressive groover with some wonderfully crafted melodies that float across the track creating some very nice textures. At its core we get a strong, solid beat which is joined by a throbbing sub bass. Swirling pads and cool FX litter the sound as a mysterious deep spoken vocal comes through. The big hitter here though is the drum section with that pounding kick and crispy hats creating a smooth rhythmic flow. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

The ever inspiring Manu Riga is up next with his Hybrid Remix and once again we are given a masterclass in arrangement and in music. 2016? What a year for this guy, his popular album Surrounded was followed by the even more popular Surrounded Remixed, and let’s not forget the multitude of remixes such as this. An ever growing fan base is testament to this guy’s talent and, thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for his next slice which takes him in a different direction in style and will delight his fans and jocks alike. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick drum that delivers an instant dancefloor vibe. Crispy hi hats and Manu-esque drum patterns get the rhythm moving while club-style female vocals sing out alongside an intriguing spoken narrative. A deep droning bass takes centre stage and draws you in with a little help from some cool synth, arps and FX. The break pulsates drawing in a more intense vibe on this deep and moody tech monster. Another top notch effort that will most definitely not go unnoticed.

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