J’Dan marks a full debut appearance on Green Martian with the superb Endorphine which comes backed up with a quality remix from Following Light. J’Dan first appeared back in December 2015 on remix duties for Chandrama’s Lost In Nubra on Bonzai Progressive which turned out to be a quality slice of prog with great support. A rising artists with a wealth of talent, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

The Original Mix opens with a cool drum pattern that saunters along gathering momentum before a powerful kick drum comes through to lead the way. Noisy rising FX are littered throughout and build up a solid wall of sound. The bassline comes out of nowhere and settles the track into its deep progressive groove as pads ebb and flow overhead. Expertly crafted synths provide snippets of melody as the groove intensifies before we head into the break and a truly epic sequence unfolds. A maelstrom of sounds come out in the break with each bringing their own colour and texture creating a wonderfully surreal composition as a pulsing bass keeps the rhythm flowing. After the break we get locked on once more as this solid slice of epic progressive house drives on. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Ukranian born Kirill Guk aka Following Light provides the remix and delivers a solid slice once more. After a few remixes in the last couple of years, Kirill enjoyed his first full release on Green Martian with Dell towards the end of 2015. But this guy has been around for a long time and has seen his work released on several top labels. Great to see him back once again and we hope to see more soon. As we’d expect the quality is dripping off the remix. The intro sets us up for a fantastic journey through the deeper side of progressive house. Nice chunky kick drums are laced with shuffling rhythmic percussions as a deep, lush bass bubbles up from below. Cool synths start to ease into the groove bringing a sweeter side to the deeper elements. The break throws up some very nice synths that take the sound higher before that superb bassline and tight drum arrangement kicks back in for the duration. Excellent stuff, perfect for any late night session.

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