Jaydee returns to Bonzai Progressive with Mokum Groove which features three solid remixes and is taken from his latest mega-album titled, This Is Jaydee. A very busy man during the lockdown period, Jaydee wasted no time in getting his creativity juices flowing in the studio, churning out no less than 33 tracks for his brand-new album. The album showcases his talents in a diverse range of styles and sounds, the result of his many year’s experience. We’re sure there’ll be much more to come from this legend so stay tuned for more.

On the Original Mix, Jaydee brings in an infectious 303 line which is combined with a powerful spoken word. Strong, well rounded kick drums drive the groove as crispy percussions set the rhythm loose. Darker elements come through in the form of gritty pads and menacing chords, but it’s the acid laced groove that shines. There’s a very subtle classic vibe to the sound, which will get the memory receptors active.

Rick Pier O’Neil returns to remix duties, delivering another fine slice of progressiveness for our listening pleasure. Always in demand, Rick’s passion for music started in his early teens. Considered with legendary status, he has built a solid reputation and offers inspiration to his many followers and peers. Here, Rick lets loose, steering us deep into the progressive abyss with a stark, charging groove. Warm beats and flurries of percussions light up the rhythm as deep, droning basses control the low end. Soft voices sweep through as glistening melodies appear against a backdrop of that infectious 303 line. A late-night stomper, no doubt.

Manu Riga & Phi Phi are on the remix once again and, as always, they do not disappoint. A formidable duo who fuse the early progressive sounds of Phi Phi with the masterful, contemporary values of Manu Riga. Here, the guys make no exceptions, delighting us with a solid dancefloor mover. Chunky beats lead alongside rhythmic percussions as that acid line fades in. A stand-out, classic percussive hit mesmerizes as the intriguing spoken word characterizes the narrative. On the break, sweeping pads add an atmospheric touch before the main groove takes hold for the duration. A must have.

Ewan Rill steps up to the remix desk with another fine effort. A firm favourite, Ewan has notched up quite a few remixes for us over the years. His last one on Nico Parisi – Prego, proved popular among many. Always a pleasure having him at BP. The remix here delivers a warming interpretation, with a tight core and solid rhythmic structure which drives the groove beautifully. Arpeggiated plucks stack up alongside the spoken vocal as a deep, pulsating bassline shores up the low end. The break goes deeper still, culminating with a building snare roll before climaxing and back to full-on mode. Top-notch stuff once again.

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