We welcome Spanish DJ, music producer and singer Jasmine Sihenne to Bonzai Progressive with her superb debut slice titled, Relic Tones. After spending some time playing gigs in Spain, Jasmine relocated to current base, Dubai, where she continues to wow her audiences with sublime, beautifully crafted sets. Inspired by deep house grooves and 80’s synthwave with an acid flavour, Jasmine has produced several quality tracks across various labels such as Natura Viva, Deepalma, Eleveh Records, Purple Sun and Crosworlder to name a few. She has also been collaborating with top artists along the way, and no doubt we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

The release opens with the title track, Relic Tones, with it’s chugging bassline and cosmic soundscape. A certain kind of energy oozes from the track, borne out of combining that infectious bassline, spacey synths and subtle arpeggios. The break descends into almost silence before a metallic arp brings the groove back to life for the duration. Into The Glitch concludes the release, keeping that cosmic vibe alive with otherworldly sounds and expertly crafted FX chains. A driving groove is made up of tight beats, strong basses and scathing synth licks that lead us straight on a trip to the stratosphere. Top-notch once again.

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