Jamie Baggotts keeps up his city themed cuts with his newest edition entitled Cape Town. Jerusalem and Mexico City were the previous incarnations and this time around we get a taste of some tight breaks and hypnotic psy. Always a pleasure to have Jamie’s work come through the office and no doubt we’ll be hearing more from him soon.

Cape Town offers up a real infectious breaks groove with a solid wall of sound that draws you in with its raw power. Pounding kicks are matched with an excellent percussion arrangement while a deep probing bassline delivers a wonderful low end. Teasing melodies are scattered throughout the track that leave us wanting more. On the break we find ourselves in a wonderfully surreal world filled with soft pads and cool FX that create a striking atmosphere. A superb slice of progressive breaks that will bring any set to a climax of epic proportions.

Where The Sun Never Sets intros with an energetic sequence that sets the tone of the track perfectly. The psy laced progressive trance stomper gets right into full on mode as chunky kick drums and shuffling percussions come through to join the superb arps that make up the backbone of the track. We are led down a path into the abyss, those multi layered arp sequences converge to form an unbreakable structure that will move you straight to the floor. The break reveals a fantastic synth line that mesmerizes as it builds to a climax and right back into the main track. An absolute stomper here and a must have.

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