Jakhira is back at Piston with his third slice entitled Heartbreak which is backed up by two quality remixes. British-born, Belgium-based DJ and producer Jack Jakhira is a classically trained musician with a heart that beats to a groove. He is not bogged down into just one style, rather he embraces several styles which allows him to reach further and tap into his widespread influences. He has enjoyed several releases on Bonzai Progressive which ultimately led him to us where his last outing – Boston Rascal, was well received. Recently he joined forces with Manu Riga to form Long Garden Avenue and he also hosts his Unconditional show on Progressive Beats radio.

The Original Mix sets us up nicely for a rip roaring ride into a full on house music groove. A hypnotic pluck opens the track with bright synth stabs and rhythmic percussions soon joining in. A tight drum section keeps the feet moving while a funky ass bassline gets the booty into gear. Swelling chords and gritty keys create a dynamic groove before we enter a much warmer realm on the break. Softly struck piano keys dominate the break, allowing us to lose ourselves before the beats return us to full on mode for the duration. Fantastic stuff once again from Jakhira.

Melodymann debuts on Piston Recordings with his superb Redraw remix. With an extraordinary passion for music and an explicit preference for vinyl, analog synthesizers and vintage sound, you can literary say that Melodymann breaths music. His love is shown in his remarkable DJ performances and studio activities which can be heard on his own Melodymathics imprint and a handful of respected labels from around the globe. Although his identity is deliberately kept secret, we can tell that he has had several remix projects under different aliases for world-renowned artists such as Rennie Foster, Marco Bailey, Orlando Voorn and Carl Cox, a pleasure to have him on board. Here the remix intros with a cool slapped drum and chunky kick drum combi, shuffling hi hats soon follow before a bouncing bassline gets the groove moving. Cool vocals and equally cool plucked riffs dominate as erratic cabaret style pianos come through. Groovy organs really get the feet moving to the groove and add a little extra spice to this delicious house joint.

Frederick Alonso debuts on Piston with his delectable remix. The personal data sheet of Frederick Alonso is a bunch unfinished projects, collaborations, labels and worldwide venues. He mostly remains the quiescent gentleman behind the scenes. Meeting him without knowing his remarkable stages would rather draw a wrong picture of a guy who rarely points out what he reached so far. Frederick’s Booze album reached the second place in the International Techno chart for two full weeks in the USA. Besides being ART manager on his company Webismore and running his own imprints on Stab Recordings he has a broad ranged output taking course parallel to his full time multitasking business. He released amazing tracks on several labels over the years and we’re delighted to have him here at Piston. On the remix here Frederick takes us on a journey deep into the house sound complete with a tight rhythmic drum section and rich warming tones. A myriad of sounds combine beautifully, from one shot vocals to chord stabs and decaying guitar plucks, all wrapped up in an infectious groove that draws us to the floor. Just the perfect tonic to dust away the stress of the day and let loose on the dancefloor.

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