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    Inessa returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Jeriba and this one follows hot on the heels of her debut here called Iguana Love. Half Austrian and half Tunisian, Inessa has been in love with electronic music since a very young. Primarily involved in the scene before as a dancer, and due to her Tunisian heritage, she emphasizes on groove, beats and a deep vibe often accompanied by mellow organic synths or other instruments. She started raving and breathing the sound in the late 90’s when Techno become a movement with the Berlin Love Parade. She sees herself as a world citizen, who is deeply inspired by her journeys and the people that come with it. She lived in Paris, London and New York City while finishing her studies. At the moment she resides in Vienna, Austria, where she founded the label Leisure Music Productions. She is an organizer of various electronic events and also a DJane. In terms of electronic genres, she is mostly intrigued by organic vibes in Deep House, Progressive House, Deep Tech and Melodic Techno as well as Afro House. Her style can be described as very warm and deep but one thing is for sure. making music for her is a means of expressing her love to dance and to enjoy life in all its beauty.

    Jeriba moves into dark territory, leading us to the progressive abyss with a solid, chugging groove. Punchy beats and rhythmic percussions lead the way as hypnotic arpeggios cascade through the track. A haunting spoken vocal narrates, adding depth and character as a probing bass is joined by gritty stabs. Contrasting sounds create a mystical atmosphere that draws you in, locking you in for the duration. Top-notch stuff once again from Inessa.

    Solomon Seal keeps the dark theme moving with an equally abyssal groove. A more colourful affair, the myriad of subtle arps and melodies combine beautifully alongside rising pads and sweeping noise oscillators. At the heart of the track lies a solid bassline, deep and powerful, driving the groove while dark beats etch out dancey rhythms. A touch of the surreal enters the construction, adding a bit of spice to the sound and keeping us wanting more. A definite must have, no doubt.

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    6 July 2020 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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