We welcome Inessa back to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Electronic Dynasty, which follows her fantastic remix of Tekzee & Cathy K’s Sonorus. Half Austrian and half Tunisian, Inessa has been in love with electronic music since a very young. Primarily involved in the scene as a dancer, she emphasizes on groove. She started raving and breathing the sound in the late 90’s when Techno become a movement with the Berlin Love Parade. At the moment she resides in Vienna, Austria, where she founded the label, Leisure Music Productions. She is an organizer of various electronic events and also a DJane. Her style can be described as very warm and deep but one thing is for sure. making music for her is a means of expressing her love to dance and to enjoy life in all its beauty.

The Original Mix is a sonically charged, grand slice of progressive house. Combining dark, earthly sounds with space age plucks and FX, the groove gets moving with a strong, rolling bassline. Chunky beats, spliced with organic drums add character to the sound. Rich pads and exotic keys create colour and texture, making this the perfect opener for the late-night session.

Cortex Thrill are back on remix duties, still reeling from the release of their album 3.0 which celebrates their 30 years in the music scene. A force to be reckoned with, these guys have been around the bloc and seen it all. Since 1993 they’ve been committed to delivering only the finest quality sounds. They adapt, change with times and bring their interpretations to life using the latest technologies to hand. If you haven’t already, take a look at their work throughout the years, see and hear how they roll with the times, never being afraid to try new things or keep classic themes going. Always a pleasure having them here. The remix begins with a warm, hypnotic vibe as punchy kicks are joined by a lush bass and stuttering hat sequence. Swirling pads reveal delicate melodies and harsh sweeps. A secondary, arpeggiated bassline adds weight to the groove as melodic arps cascade. Vibrant, rich tones wrapped up in a dark and tribalistic groove, top-notch stuff.

Israeli DJ, producer Evi Orgatz debuted here with the fantastic Shamanica EP, and now he’s back on remix duties. Based on the South Side of Bee-Sheva City, Evi’s studio blasts out all kinds of good music covering several genres. After 6 years producing Psy Trance as Dottexm, we’re spoiled with his diversion into progressive house which, comes with the same quality he has always delivered in previous productions. Here, the remix intros with soft, sweeping pads and fuzzy voices. Sporadic percussions layer up as a tension rises with a rolling bassline fading in, followed by a thumping, warm kick drum. An electric vibe oozes from the groove as fiery synths are joined by exotic, Ethnic vocals. Plucked synth melodies take us to the break where the pads take control, climaxing back to the main groove for the duration.

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