Electronic dance music veterans HP Vince and Lambda join forces on the superb Get On Up. Vince is no stranger to Bonzai having released tracks on several of our legacy imprints under various guises. He has worked alongside some of the world’s top producers including Airwave, Yves Deruyter, Jamez, Laidback Luke and others and he started his own label, Nite Tunes which he used for House music. Lambda is also no stranger to these shores as he’s worked alongside Vince on their Lab 2 project with a release on Green Martian back in 2003. He is known for the massive dancefloor hit, Hold On Tight, which spawned a plethora of remixes in the mid to late nineties. Great to see both these guys on board.

The Original Mix opens the release, settling into a strong progressive mover right from the off. Punchy beats and solid basses join flurries of percussions as hypnotic synths work their magic. The pervasive lead synth delivers an abstract sound which is joined by dark vocals on the break, before the main groove returns for the duration. Wholly infectious, perfect fodder for the later sets. Bonzai legend Manu Riga returns with yet another solid remix. Over the years, his vast catalogue of tracks and remixes have become an inspiration to many. More recently, he’s taken to deliver live performances alongside Phi Phi, fusing traditional DJing methods with skilful production techniques to wow the crowd. Always a pleasure having him here. On the remix, we’re treated to a masterclass in the darker forms of progressive house music. A strong, punchy kick drum stands out, backed with spritely percussive elements and that mesmerizing synth line. The bassline dominates the groove and will no doubt cause the floor to shake with its monstrous low-end rumble. The short-lived break reveals that vocal in a trippier style, complimenting the groove beautifully.

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