Hobin Rude & VegaZ SL debut on Bonzai Progressive, having worked thousands of miles apart, to bring us the fantastic two track EP entitled Procul. Based in Belgrade, Hobin Rude aka Ognjen Cerovic started listening to electronic music from a young age. He soon found progressive house as his style of choice and began to DJ before making the move to producing in 2020. Already he is lining up several releases on various labels and his tracks are gaining worldwide support. Sri Lanka based artist, VegaZ SL aka Asintha is a rising progressive house DJ and producer. He’s already enjoyed releases across many labels with more in the pipeline. His works are championed by some of the best DJ’s across the world and he shows all the signs of becoming a popular name on the scene. Great to have both of these rising stars here at Bonzai.

Procul begins with a smooth, rhythmic pattern made up of exotic percussions and a solid kick. A relentless offset bass powers the groove, keeping it firmly in the deeper echelons of progressive house. Enchanting, spine-tingling voices come through, adding character while delicate arps add contrast to the sound. Silvis opens with a rolling bassline, taking control of the groove as a bed of tight beats and shuffling percussions set the rhythm loose. Hopeful pads layer up as subtle melodies are woven into place alongside rich, captivating voices. The break builds and builds taking us back to the vibrant, upfront groove. One for the floors, no doubt.

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