Hakan Ozurun returns with the superb Fractured, coming fresh off the back of his top-notch remix for Planishpere’s Atmosphere. Turkish DJ and electronic music producer Hakan started his musical career as a progressive and trance DJ in 2010. After 3 years as a DJ, he found this was not enough for him and so he started making his own originals and remixes in 2013. He started producing and releasing his tracks professionally on Addictive Sounds in 2016. He has released music on BQ Recordings (Proton), Blue Soho Recordings and OHM Music. Some of his releases climbed many charts, including the Beatport top 100.

The Original Mix is full of charged beats with a punchy rhythm. A sub-level offset bass powers the groove as haunting atmospheric layers converge. Detailed percussions add a solid rhythmic structure as the groove goes deeper with a hypnotic flow. On the break, little respite is offered with emotive chord changes bringing in a melancholic element before climaxing to full-on mode once more. A top-notch cut that will not disappoint.

Paul Hamilton is back at BP with a fantastic remix. This one follows his full debut with Alpha Waves alongside Celene. Paul is an award-winning international DJ and producer and is considered a powerful force in electronic music with over 20 year’s experience. A plethora of releases across several labels, has seen his status soar, and countless residencies in top venues gained him a solid rep amongst his peers. Since 2018, he’s delivered several quality remixes for us and we hope to see more from him in the future. Here, Paul delivers a tight, rhythmic progressive mover. Flurries of detailed percussions and punchy, rounded kick drums drive the groove beautifully. Delicate melodic patterns create contrast with the darker lower frequencies, adding depth to this epic monster. The break throws up some wonderful atmospherics making this an absolute must have.

We welcome The Sirius back to BP on remix duties, following on from his excellent interpretation of Yuriy From Russia & Brightness’ Lost War. The Sirius aka Sergio Albornoz, started spinning at clubs and local radio stations. His enthusiasm for technology drew him to music production and he was soon churning out his own tracks. In 2003 he was introduced to trance music and successfully held residencies in his hometown. Over the last few years, he’s been injecting a progressive element into his sound with superb results. He also owns his own label, Orbital Records. Great to see him back. Here, we’re treated to a rich, dynamic progressive house groover. Phat, thumpy kick drums stand out as crispy hi hats join in alongside exotic percussions. The focus shifts to the myriad of delicate, toy box melodies, which add melancholy to the groove and capture the imagination brilliantly. A top-notch effort that will not disappoint.

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