Ruslan Haievyk aka MacroVision returns to Bonzai Progressive under his Haievyk moniker with the superb three tracker entitled Heartbeat. We last saw Ukrainian DJ and producer Ruslan back in March 2019 with the excellent Radiance alongside Isels. His love for electronic music started with The Prodigy which got him hooked. He also likes soft and powerful sounds with melodic parts. He has seen releases on several labels from across the northern hemisphere and he has won a number of music-based competitions in the last several years. His music has seen airplay on many radio stations including Kiss FM, DJFM, DFM and BBC Radio and his DJ sets are known to bring an energy to the floor and for being immersive and dynamic. As ever, it’s great to hear his newest efforts and, as usual they do not disappoint.

Heartbeat is a smooth progressive mover with an underlying deep house vibe thanks to some groovy chords. An upbeat drum section will get the feet shuffling on the floors as the plucky bassline goes straight for the booty. Warm pads contrast with subtle acid style notes, adding character to the track. A real nice slice with a hybrid edge that is a must have, for sure.

Intellidance intros with deep, droning bass pad and mesmerizing cowbell, hi hat combo. A solid, punchy kick drum drives the track as a rich, arpeggiated synth comes through alongside rising, melodic pads. The drum section delivers a tight rhythmic flow that powers the groove. The synths definitely take centre stage with a kaleidoscopic theme that makes a huge impact. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

NoSence NoLogic dishes out a pacier vibe with some real nice analogue style sounds coming through. Plucked notes in various forms stack up to deliver a deep organic groove alongside a more rounded, subby bass tone. Cool vocals add character and depth as subtle melodies begin to appear. The break reveals more melodic episodes alongside the vocal before building up to a smooth climax and back to full-on mode. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

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