Gisty follows the very impressive debut (Circle 567) with the equally impressive The Awakening EP. Remaining ever mysterious, Gisty keeps a low profile while letting the music do the talking. A relative new name on the scene with a couple of releases in the bag since 2016, we hope to be hearing much more soon.

The Awakening opens with a solid vibe made up of chunky kicks and a rolling bassline. Crispy hats come through alongside quirky FX that light up the scene. A soft, alluring pad fades up creating a mystical vibe as strong stabs come in. A sense of elevation creeps into the groove, while also portraying a hypnotic effect. The rhythm moves effortlessly through a somewhat darker construction, which gives the track a hybrid appeal. A must have that will not disappoint.

The Host throws up all kinds of nostalgia, from the powerful attacking kick drums to the plucky rolling bassline. Wonderfully simplistic and captivating, the rhythm grabs a hold of your senses, forcing you to move. Airy pads fade up before dissipating, leaving us in the hands of that strong bassline and ensuing cosmic accompaniment. An energetic affair with mesmerizing qualities, this one is not to be missed.

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