Gisty debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb progressive mover, Circle 567. Somewhat a mysterious character, Gisty keeps a low profile while letting his music do the talking. A relative new name on the scene with a couple of releases in the bag since 2016, it’s great to have this talented artist on board.

Circle 567 is a wonderfully rich, deep progressive house construction. Full of warm bass tones and euphoric pads, the track is a coming together of quality sounds that will delight the floors. At the forefront we find a mesmerizing bassline that bounds effortlessly through the sound, creating a solid groove. Understated kicks and soft percussions get the toes tapping as brighter, melodic notes combine creating stark contrasts. The break is a serene affair as those beautiful melodies are joined by rising pads which generate melancholy mixed with hope. A fantastic construction that will not disappoint.

Deep is a solid four-to-the-floor progressive house mover. Punchy kick drums and shuffling percussions go to work alongside a driving, bassline. Various drum elements layer up creating a dynamic groove with an energetic flair. Buoyant arpeggios cascade as sweet melodic notes join in to create a euphoric sequence. The break takes us into the depths where deep, pads and super bright melodies combine before the groove resets for an upbeat finale. Top notch stuff, a must have.

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