Colombia native Giorgio Phoenix returns to Bonzai Progressive with the impressive Times EP. We first got a glimpse of this guy back at the start of 2016 with his debut Hypnagogia which proved quite popular indeed. While a mysterious character his superb talents are evident and we’re delighted to see him back once again.

Good Times brings a wonderful retro themed progressive slice for our listening pleasure. The intro boasts a classic chunky kick and percussion combi which breaks fleetingly to bring in that deep grooving bassline that hypnotizes the mind with its pulsing rhythm. Fantastic retro synth chord stabs are front and centre for this one, captivating and mesmerizing as they’re filtered and modulated into superb patterns. Excellent stuff once again from Giorgio, not to be missed.

Dark Times goes deep right from the off as a nice punchy kick drum and crispy hi hat lead the way alongside a deep rumbling bassline that lurks menacingly on the low end. The bass slowly fades up becoming more prominent to dominate the deep progressive groove. Darker elements ease into the groove creating a great depth in the sound while on the break a dark synth line begins its journey to the abyss. Top notch, deep and dark, one for the late night floors here.

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