With 2016 proving to be a massive year for us at Bonzai Progressive, we look forward to 2017 with more top quality cuts from fresh new artists as well as veterans with each bringing their own unique characteristic sounds. Kicking us off we have Colombia native Giorgio Phoenix and his debut two tracker Hypnagogia.

First up we have Hypnagogia with its deep brooding tones and superb nostalgic vocals that deliver an intriguing narrative throughout. Big chunky beats lead the way here and are backed up by a tight drum arrangement that offers a steady flowing rhythm. A deep rumbling bassline dominates the low frequencies and marries perfectly with those raw vocals. Cool synth hooks litter the sound giving a cosmic vibe to the proceedings making this a definite must have track for your arsenal.

Introspection sets out with a nice bright, sharp snare hit alongside various hats and cymbals before being joined by a punchy kick drum and deep lush bass. The drum section builds nicely creating a solid rhythmic mover as the groove intensifies with the addition of some seriously tough synths. Cool melodic arpeggios cascade through the sound while sinister vocals creep in. The break offers a surreal respite from the toughness of the main track before we get slammed right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

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