The on-form Gelios returns to Bonzai Progressive with the outstanding, Sakura EP. His last effort here was on remix duties for Jon The Dentist and his track, Pyramid 96, which gained a great deal of support. Dmitri started his musical journey with his Select Project, where he focussed on psytrance. After many releases on various labels and seven full albums, he decided to move away for the trancey side to look at new sounds and new inspirations. In 2019, he started his latest project, Gelios, where his goal is to look into the world of techno and progressive house, already he has a raft of top tracks under this pseudonym and his work is championed by many top jocks around the world. Nice to see him back again.

The release opens with Sakura, and right from the off we’re hooked. Tension builds relentlessly as a powerful, muscular groove filled with pulsating basses and tight rhythmic patterns, sets the mood for an exhilarating ride, deep into the progressive abyss. The track is topped off with sweeping FX and soft melodic phrases, perfect for peak time fun. Excelsior concludes the EP, taking on a much darker, hypnotic vibe. A warm bass locks us into the low-end as the energy builds. Soft melodies flow through the groove, accompanied by airy pads which offers striking contrasts in the sound. An absolute must have for the epic set builders.

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