Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings follows his May 2016 slice Beautiful Eyes on Bonzai Progressive with this superb four tracker entitled Paradise Sound. This one marks his third full release on Green Martian and joins a host of other works including remixes and appearances on various compilations. Toni’s productions regularly feature in many sets from DJ’s around the world and it’s no surprise given his extensive back catalogue that spans many labels. So much more to come from this guy, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

Paradise Sound sets the tone for this lush progressive pack and gets right into full swing from the off. A steady rhythmic beat will get the feet shuffling as a melancholic pad drifts through the background. The track delivers a wonderfully organic vibe filled with 80’s inspired sounds and a vocal that adds deep textures to the groove. Throw in a gritty bassline and you’ve got yourself the perfect addition to any late night set.

The Jungle is a beautifully arranged slice of progressive house that takes us on a journey deep into the sound. The drum section rocks, punchy kicks and sharp snares dish out a very cool retro vibe as rich pads fill out the spectrum. A wonderful dancing bassline comes through and shores up the low end as the layers build. Such a fantastic complex rhythmic piece with surreal cosmic vibes that will definitely appeal to many.

Reflect is a deep progressive monster filled with an array of beautifully crafted sounds and melodies. A nice flowing drum section provides a solid rhythm while a superb deep and probing bassline weaves its way through the sound. Cool FX and rich pads make a showing building contrasting textures throughout. This one draws you in with its subtle melodies before taking you deeper into the progressive abyss. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

We Are All Equal completes this fantastic four tracker with beautifully constructed slice that mesmerizes for the duration. A hypnotic bassline stands out on this one as rhythmic beats do their thing. The track goes deep and the vocal helps to get it there with its gritty vibe and raspy tones. The break throws up some cool ethnic instruments that sit perfectly in the contemporary sound. A definite must have.

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