The ever impressive Eugene Becker aka Russian producer Eugeny Dolzhenko returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker entitled Moscow Vibes. Last time out he gave us the superb Veto which performed well gaining great support. Always a pleasure to have him here at BP.

Moscow Vibes is a full on tech fuelled monster thanks to a solid, tight drum arrangement that adds an extra punch to the groove. The layered bassline makes the track stand out, filling it with depth and warmth to get the booty’s shakin’ on the floors. Subtle synth chords and distant voices add cool textures to the groove making this an absolute must for the late night session.

Next up we have Chicago which is aptly named given the nod to the city that gave so much to music over the years. The intro boasts a cool build up filled with rolling percussions and an extra cool vocal narration. Punchy beats come through alongside a rumbling bassline and the track lifts off to the stratosphere in a rip roaring groove designed for maximum effect on the floors. Get this one in your playlist, the crowd is gonna love it.

Bliss is a wonderfully crafted hybrid groove filled with proggy tech vibes. Shuffling percussions come through in waves alongside a meandering bassline that moves effortlessly in a smooth groove. Cool chords add extra spice to the sound while mysterious pads and FX fill out the spectrum. Another top notch slice that will not disappoint.

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