Erik Iker, born in November 1988 in Belgrade, Serbia. The first time he came into contact with music he was as only a boy, when his dad played his record collection. Later in the 90s he gets in touch with electronic music, listening to Faithless, Scooter, Prodigy and others. His music breakthrough happens in 2002 when he goes underground, meeting psytrance and trance for the first time.

While more and more listening to these genres, he gets an idea to start mixing and making himself and he lays his hands on his very own first Fruity Loops Studio and starts creating music. At first he was just having fun. Fun that made him gain much experience in producing. In 2006. he decides to slow his beat and under the influence of Deep Dish, Sasha and others he starts producing progressive house. By 2009 he learned quite a bit working in FLS.

While he was watching tutorials, reading artist blogs and following their studio work online, his production got much better and could be considered quite serious. In 2010 he starts producing with a wish to do something more. His genre can be described as Progressive House with strong melodies, always a good atmosphere at hand, mixed with some trance elements. Under the influence of his fellow DJs in Serbia he also starts producing Tech House. Loving the slower tempo, nice grooves, noise, melodies and strong energetic tracks, a lot can be expected in the future from Erik. The wish to do something more will always continue to prevail.