2021 gets off to a great start for us at Bonzai Progressive, welcoming Indian electronic music duo Enchanted Kids aka Savan and Jayesh Varade to the label with the excellent, Ritual. The guys started out in 2016 playing deep vibes and progressive house through to techno. Dreamy and melancholic melodies are the highlights of their sounds, which exude emotions, relaxation and feeling of weightlessness. They’ve showcased their talent on Ibiza Radio ‘ for the Ampispazi radio show and have racked up a solid release count in a short space of time.

The Original Mix provides a deep, warming progressive house experience. Filled with lush basses, mesmerizing pads and delicate melodies, the groove locks you in, taking your mind to a safe place. Refreshing and emotive, a must have.

Ricardo Piedra is back on remix duties, following on from his superb remix on Richard Harrington’s Inside. Over the last few years Ricardo has racked up quite an impressive back catalogue across several labels, gaining a solid rep on the scene. We’re always super impressed with his output and it’s always an exciting time when his latest efforts come through the office. Here, we’re treated to another one of Ricardo’s specials, working the interpretation beautifully and leaving us wanting more. Solid beats and a strong, rolling bassline lead the way as airy pads and sweet melodies cascade.

Haievyk returns with a solid remix. Ruslan continues a fine run of tracks; he has dished out some top-quality stuff for us in the last few years. His love for electronic music started with The Prodigy which got him hooked. He has seen releases on several labels from across the northern hemisphere and he has won a number of music-based competitions in the last several years. His music has seen airplay on many radio stations and his DJ sets are known to bring an energy to the floor and for being immersive and dynamic. On the remix here, we go deeper into the groove. Filled with droning basses, rhythmic percussions and soft melodies, the groove awakens the soul. Touches of retro ease through, opening up the memory portals, taking you to a joyous place. Deftly executed and simply sublime.

We welcome Inessa back to BP with a quality remix which follows her last release, Electronic Dynasty. Inessa has been in love with electronic music since a very young age. Primarily involved in the scene as a dancer, she started raving and breathing the sound in the late 90’s when Techno become a movement with the Berlin Love Parade. At the moment she resides in Vienna, Austria, where she founded the label, Leisure Music Productions and she is an organizer of various electronic events. The remix here ramps up the energy, delivering a more vibrant groove. The bassline dominates with its deep, resonating prowess. Delicate notes sit in contrast as harsher stabs fade in. The break reveals soft melodies amidst that pulsing bass before the main groove returns for the duration.

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