Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Ivan Shadrin aka Ego Progressus returns to Progrez with the outstanding Twenty Past Four P.M. which comes backed up with two quality remixes. This one marks his sixth outing on Progrez and comes after a bit of a hiatus when we last caught a glimpse of his talents with The Bow Tie back in 2014. Ivan is very much an advocate of the darker side of prog and tech and this comes through in his live sets. He has developed a rich musical taste and it is this that inspires him to form out his dark and sometimes tribal vibes.

On the Original Mix we’re treated to some seriously deep progressive vibes contained within a solid construction made up of tight beats and sub level basses. A steady flowing rhythm is born out a complex array of percussions and FX giving this one a dancefloor appeal. The darker elements of the groove mesmerize and blend beautifully with that deep droning bass which is contrasted by melancholic detuned keys. Top notch stuff for the darker rooms.

The dynamic duo that make up metrONomes are back on remix duty and you can be sure of some solid deep progressive vibes when these two show up. Right from the off you get lulled into the warmth the track offers thanks to well rounded kick drums and smooth flowing percussions that weave out a nice rhythm. A hypnotic offset bassline powers the groove nicely as various FX and pads create a colourful background. Subtle melodies break out of the deep rooted groove for a stark contrasting , textured arrangement. A definite must have for sure.

Individuum aka Kiev based artist Ivan Shadrin debuts on Progrez with his sublime remix. Individuum is a musical project, which is saturated with sound experiments and remarkable structure compositions. An absolute improvisation with the atmosphere of mystical darkness that envelops and injects into a special state. The style of the compositions goes far beyond patterns to identify specific areas that undoubtedly have the liking of true connoisseurs of intelligent electronics. Music from Individuum is the transcendental journey into the depths of self-knowledge. The remix here stays true to Ivan’s own philosophy in creating thought provoking, dark and atmospheric sounds. The track draws you in deeper and deeper as each sound is perfectly placed for maximum impact. With an experimental edge the track develops beautifully into a coherent sequence that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

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