Bonzai Progressive is proud to present DV1, a special release featuring three top artists and resident DJ’s delivering the sounds that bedecked the DV1 club in Lyon, France. The team at DV1 are a tight knit collective who specialise in quality and in creating the ultimate club experience for an army of pure breed clubbers. In recent times the club has had to close its doors, after 15 years of operation hosting some of the very best techno parties in France. The club was built up to become one of the best underground venues in France and no doubt this release will serve as a timely reminder for some of the memories created within its walls. The organisers behind the club night are actively looking for a new venue and there is hope of a new concept called DV1 Outdoor which will hopefully get off the ground in the coming months. To the artists, the DJ’s and fans, this is DV1.

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