Doriaan aka Mexican DJ, producer Dorian Padilla returns to Bonzai Progressive, fresh off the back of his very well received last effort, U-Boot, with the equally fantastic Tempted. Doriaan is building up a discography that has one objective, make people dance and feel a wide range of emotions. He has been focused on producing quality music with influences ranging from techno, to deep house, psy trance or even classical, his very diverse musical taste inspires him to create music that has groove, melody and emotion. 2020 promises to be another good year for him, delivering more music than ever in his short career and pushing the boundaries to make his sound better and better every day. Always worth keeping an eye on this talented artist.

The Original Mix offers up a deep, enthralling ride through darker vibes. Punchy kicks and exotic percussions stack up to create a smooth rhythmic flow while a sub-level, chunky, rolling bassline commands the floor. Sinister sounding vox add character as dark melodics roll through on the synths. Mesmerizing FX and flurries of pitching synth notes fill the groove. The break reveals sublime voices alongside striking notes before climaxing back to the main groove for the duration.

Bonzai legend Cortex Thrill is up on remix duties, and this one comes after his last remix here on Stradivalli & Night Shift Master’s Space Motion. Big things happening in the Cortex Thrill studios at the moment, we cannot wait to hear what is in store for us in the near future. Here the remix opens with a surreal sequence filled with phasing basses, whispered voices and a tension that spills over when the punchy kicks come through. A cosmic percussion arrangement grabs a hold of your senses as the intensity is ratcheted up once again, with a classic vibe thrown in. Multiple arpeggios combine, creating a complex structure which throws out infectious sequences. The voices come to the fore along with sweeping synths and bright plucks. The break has that retro vibe that sends shivers down your spine which makes this one an absolute gem of a track and a must have.

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