Mexico City native Doriaan shows up on our Green Martian imprint with the superb Rosario. He makes the jump over from Bonzai Progressive to deliver a more melodic flavoured progressive sound. Last time out he gave us the wonderful Perte on BP which gained great support. Doriaan is a self-taught musician, not coming from a musical background he took a 6-month course and learned to play the piano. Trial and error are how he was able to learn the skills he now employs to churn out quality sounds. With several releases now under his belt, this guy is definitely one to watch.

The Original Mix of Rosario opens with a filtered kick drum and unfolding percussion patterns. The kicks get a massive boost with a superb warming thump, setting the track on its course with gusto. Cool descending voices mesmerize as a probing bassline dances through the groove. A funkier side emerges in the form of rich keys and stabbing chords, giving the track a dynamic vibe. On the break, trippy arpeggios enter the fray before dissolving to leave us with that super phat and chunky progressive house groove.

The Rosario Piano Mix delivers the same solid progressive groove as the original mix with just a couple of changes. On the break we are treated to wonderful melancholic piano sequence before a smooth build up, climaxing with a catchy spoken vocal and then back to full on mode. Just like its predecessor, a top-notch slice that is not to be missed.

Green Eyes intros with a cool kick drum and fading in percussion arrangement which filters through to become a smooth, rhythmic sequence. Stabby basses line up against soft melodic tones for a cool contrasting effect before the track settles into a futuristic progressive groove complete with a mesmerizing plucky bassline and wide FX. The break goes beyond, reaching brave new heights thanks to an orchestra of basses and a sublime, hair raising vocal full of Ethnic flavour. Enriched with captivating prowess, this is an absolute must have for the late-night sessions.

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